The Wall of Old Web Buttons & Links

I was fascinated by old blogs and web diaries and journals. I quickly looked around to search for the old, non-commercial arena of blogs and websites and then, lo and behold, I found a community who is as tired as me with the deteriorating Google searches and as excited as me to have a small corner in the good ol' world-wide-web as the old web. It all started with me trying to compose a blog list of my own, so I made a page to dump all my liked blogs and websites and while tinkering around I came across Ye Olde Blogroll, amazing repository of personal, independent, free-from-commerciality, floating-with-creativity webpages.

I made a list for my own reference. It's still a bit wonky. Okay, it's basically a dumpyard, I know. But, let me know by comments or email if you want to be a part of my lil Old Web Wall.

- Oizys.


(These contain indie webrings, websites for blogs, gobbly blogrolls and search engines as well!)


(These contain buttons of directories and webrings some I am a part of, some not, and others.)

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